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With over 75 years of experience in logistics services, Flat Bridge Ltd adds tremendous value to organizations through streamlined logistics processes focused on the needs of each client to enhance their supply chain.

Flat Bridge Ltd develops, implements and supports applications and processes for logistics-focused organizations. We offer management consulting, technological adoption initiatives and outsourcing of business processes. We provide labor solutions for an industry facing decreasing margins and higher employment costs.

We are committed to driving digital solutions to maximize, sustain and protect profits by focusing on the customer. We are a trusted advisor for companies that are seeking to outsource key functions to obtain a competitive advantage for a fraction of the cost with the highest quality service.

Transportation and Business Expertise

Our team of seasoned supply chain professionals provide expertise and guidance implementing, supporting and enhancing logistics applications. We have vast experience applying agile methodology to industry leading Transportation Management Systems (TMS).

Flat Bridge provides comprehensive and seamless logistics services to the international trading community. Through technology, networks, and critical thinking, Flat Bridge streamlines the entire transporting experience, inclusive of managing quotes, bookings, tracking, and fulfilment services.

From the behemoths of suppliers to small upstarts, our clients benefit from our scope, as we utilize our Transportation Management Outsourcing (TMO) resources to optimize bid response time, carrier rating, cargo fill rates, origin and destination routes.

Flat Bridge provides end-to-end logistics BPO solutions for road, ocean, air and rail logistics. We provide support services for the core aspects of logistics, along with a large scope of additional services to reduce costs and streamline your supply chain.

Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)

We partner with local, regional and international businesses to provide a virtual workforce for managed services, customer services, marketing and sales functions.

The key to an exemplary and valuable call centre is more than just case management and customer service applications. It requires a personal touch from a team with a strong knowledge base and technical expertise. Flat Bridge is a collection of skilled professionals ready to represent your organization with integrity.

Flat Bridge ensures large volume processes can be done in real time for quick and accurate data entry. Multiple validation checks and double key entry is standard practice, which is why Flat Bridge ensures the highest quality of accuracy.

Competitive Advantage

For our near shore and North American based customers, Flat Bridge Ltd presents a cost competitive, English speaking, virtual workforce that is highly educated, service oriented, and experienced. Additionally, Flat Bridge Ltd.’s offices are in the Eastern Time Zone (EST) which is advantageous when managing most business operations within the Western Hemisphere.


3PL Providers

When your Flat Bridge team manages driver dispatch, tracking, load entry and load board management you can get back to the business of BUILDING your business.

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TL and LTL

Data entry, scouring load boards and haggling with brokers does not build profitable trucking companies. Focus on clients, while we focus on the rest.

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Add capacity, improve efficiency, and reduce spend. Let us Bridge the gap between reliable railway strategies, increased productivity and profitable initiatives.

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Managing your transportation spend is time consuming. Ignoring your transportation spend shrinks your bottom line. Flat Bridge is your “AND” not “OR” solution.

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Yours is literally a game of inches. Our processes handle back-office and data management, so your team can focus on maximizing profits per-square-foot.

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Freight Forwarding

Razor thin margins and ever-increasing operational costs make creating a competitive advantage paramount to success. Let our 25 years of freight forwarding experience give you that advantage.

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Explore The Possibilities

We look forward to talking with you about your logistics needs, vision, strengths, and areas of development. Discover more about our extensive range of professional services. We provide expertise and guidance implementing, supporting and enhancing business applications.

We are fully functioning during this pandemic, focused on keeping the supply chain and its essential staff healthy and productive. We wish you and yours health and safety in this unprecedented time.

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