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Flat Bridge LTD


Supply Chain & Logistics BPO Services

Flat Bridge Ltd provides labor solutions and process refinement for logistics focused organizations.

Allow our resources and solutions to construct the bridge between your goals and accomplishments.

Flat Bridge delivers benefits which extend beyond cost savings through standardizing business processes, increasing revenue and consolidating logistics operations.

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What Sets Flat Bridge Apart

Strategic Knowledge for Growth​

Our commitment to prioritizing knowledge over intuition drives revenue growth and optimizes shared services costs, fostering continuous improvement. Our experienced professionals, skilled in efficient and reliable supply chain management, combine their expertise with strong communication and customer service skills. This ensures that we can bridge the gap between goals and accomplishments while delivering unparalleled value.

Tailored Partnerships

What truly sets us apart is our adaptable approach. We place paramount importance on partnering with clients to deliver services that are not only flexible but also customized to their specific industry needs. Our team’s deep logistics industry expertise and commitment to understanding each client’s unique requirements ensure that our solutions seamlessly integrate into their operations, providing the highest level of customer-focused outcomes.



Competitive Advantage

Experienced Workforce for Excellence

At Flat Bridge, we provide a distinct competitive advantage through our highly experienced, qualified, and service-oriented English-speaking workforce. This team ensures efficient communication, seamless operations, and tailored solutions for our nearshore and North American clientele.

Empowering Small to Mid-Sized Companies

Our leveraged buying power bridges the gap for small to mid-sized businesses, offering them a competitive advantage that’s usually associated with larger corporations. We empower companies to access the resources they need to thrive, fostering growth and success in the dynamic logistics landscape.

Drivers are our best resource for accomplishing organizational goals. By listening to their needs, quickly addressing their problems, and keeping them on the road we create value for our clients, and provide an environment where drivers can thrive.

Transparency is key to maintaining healthy supply chain resources. This begins by providing clients, shippers, consignees, dispatchers and drivers with accurate information and timely updates when changes occur. 

Data entry is a key function of any operations department. Our processes are fast, accurate and reliable. Flat Bridge associates are familiar with a host of transportation and warehouse related enterprise software platforms.

Often times load boards are the best platform for marketing available shipments. The Flat Bridge training process includes multiple workshops on how to effectively interact with over 100 load boards throughout North America. 

Competitive Advantages

Flat Bridge's Competitive Edge

Outsourcing your supply chain functions can significantly reduce employee-related costs, often up to 60%. This cost-efficient approach allows you to reallocate resources where they're most impactful.

Our services offer flexibility, allowing you to adapt to market changes without being tied down by long-term commitments. This agility ensures that you can respond promptly to evolving business needs.

Collaborating with us requires minimal upfront investments, making it easier for you to initiate and benefit from outsourcing services. This low-risk approach supports your business's financial stability.

We leverage cutting-edge industry systems to streamline and enhance your supply chain operations. By utilizing the latest technology, we ensure optimal efficiency and accuracy in every aspect of your logistics.

Outsourcing doesn't mean sacrificing your organizational culture. We work seamlessly to integrate our processes, ensuring that your company's culture and productivity levels are preserved.

When you entrust your supply chain services to experts, you benefit from optimized processes that minimize revenue leakage. Through meticulous analysis and strategic implementation, we identify and rectify potential gaps that can affect your bottom line.

Our proven strategies and experienced professionals contribute to a lower attrition rate in your supply chain operations. By providing a supportive and engaging work environment, we ensure that your workforce remains dedicated and productive.

Outsourcing to us eliminates the need for costly infrastructure investments. We provide the necessary resources and technology, allowing you to redirect your financial resources toward core business growth.

Through outsourcing, legal liabilities associated with employees are transferred to us. This relieves you of potential legal complexities and enables you to focus on your core operations without the burden of HR-related issues.


Our Sectors

Supply Chain Management
encompassing road, ocean, air, and rail logistics





Efficient and reliable transportation is the backbone of supply chain management. At FlatBridge, we offer expert trucking and drayage services that bridge the gap between origins and destinations.



In the complex world of intermodal transportation, coordination is key. FlatBridge serves as your bridge, connecting different modes of transport seamlessly.



Efficient logistics management often requires collaboration with third-party experts. FlatBridge acts as the bridge, connecting your business to a network of logistics solutions.



Warehousing is the hub where inventory management meets distribution. FlatBridge offers comprehensive warehousing management services that bridge the gap between storage and seamless distribution.


At Flat Bridge, we excel in optimizing road transport solutions, leveraging our expertise to navigate complex routes, manage shipments, and meet delivery timelines.


Our dedicated services are tailored to meet your unique business needs, providing a personalized approach that goes beyond traditional solutions.


Flat Bridge's Back Office Support offers a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline your administrative tasks, optimize financial processes, and enhance overall efficiency.

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At Flat Bridge Ltd, we understand the importance of providing uninterrupted support to our valued clients. That's why we take pride in offering a active support team that is always ready to assist you, day or night.


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Our Testimonials

Building Trust and Delivering Excellence


“Flat Bridge Ltd. has been an awesome company providing internship, employment opportunities and career development for our CMU students. I am happy that we had forged this partnership and for future development within international borders.”

Dr Althea Morrison CMU

“The Flat Bridge Team inspires trust with their customers and carriers as they attentively oversee the secure and safe handling of freight throughout the shipment process. They provide clear and reliable communication with all parties involved to ensure efficient transportation of goods, as well as foster an environment that allows all employees to continually learn new roles and increase their customer-oriented service capabilities.” Flat Bridge has become an invaluable extension of our team. Their dedication to our success, industry expertise, and seamless execution of tasks have enabled us to scale our business and focus on strategic growth initiatives. We wholeheartedly recommend Flat Bridge to any freight brokerage looking to enhance their operations and elevate their customer experience."

Sam Director of Business Development at J&A Freight Systems


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